The idea is to do some walks which need some organisation. Like – a long distance walk over several days – A walk that is difficult to arrange or get to.


A walk of about 12 miles needs Scheduling it is on Exp: OL24,  including SK088058 has now been checked,

On 17 May, we checked the route, Sunny so fabulous views, but hard going. The terrain is strewn with rocks , these are not an issue but illustrate the thin cover of loam, this makes the ground alternate between soft and hard, the livestock make patterns in this, so you have to take care not to put your foot down halfway into a hole.  Also three muddy sumps which I have yet to see dry out. Lunch stop is very relaxing, at a low use ford of the Manifold River.

There is a new long distance walk through the National Forest. We need to consider that with plans to do some other national Routes.